High-quality Painting Services in Salt Lake City

American Town Painting is a Salt Lake City painting company with a keen eye for color, detail, quality, and care. We have been in business for over 13 years, so we know the type of painting services that customers are looking for.


Our team offers a wide range of painting services to accommodate the various needs of local clients. Our services include commercial, residential, interior, exterior, cabinet, and epoxy painting services.


Commercial Painting


We all know not to judge a book by its cover. Nevertheless, a well-maintained establishment attracts attention and encourages people to visit your store or office. Make sure your commercial property looks its best at all times.


Our commercial painting service helps make your establishment look as good as new, subsequently making it more enticing to your target market.


Residential Painting


There’s nothing quite like coming back to the home of your dreams after a particularly demanding day at work or in school. As such, you need to look after the appearance of your home to keep it presentable.


Our residential painting service contributes to the overall aesthetics of your home. It also boosts the curb appeal of your property.


Interior Painting


For most people, painting the walls is a strenuous job. It requires attention to detail for a clean, aesthetically-pleasing outcome. This isn’t to mention how much time it takes — time that you might not have due to everyday responsibilities and activities. Nevertheless, it is necessary for making your property look as good as new.


Our Salt Lake City house interior painting service takes the responsibility of painting your interior walls off your shoulders. We also paint other interior areas of your property.


Exterior Painting


What good is a beautifully designed property if the exterior does not match the indoor aesthetics? For your home or establishment to look its best, don’t just focus on the interior design; you also need to pay attention to how the property looks on the outside.


Our exterior painting service makes your property presentable to guests and people who pass by.


Cabinet Painting


Our team has over a decade of experience in painting homes and commercial establishments. We don’t limit ourselves to those services, though. We also offer other services that contribute to the overall aesthetics and functionality of different aspects of your property.


Particularly speaking, we offer cabinet painting services to give your furniture pieces the much-needed makeover they need.


Epoxy Painting


Many people interchange epoxy painting and epoxy coating — and this is understandable. With our knowledgeable Salt Lake City painting company team, however, you do not have to worry about getting the two services mixed up.


Our epoxy painting service allows you to kick back and relax while we do the job for you. This way, you are sure that someone knowledgeable in the matter is taking care of your epoxy painting needs.


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American Town Painting is your reliable Salt Lake City painting company. We offer high-quality and affordable services to clients – moreover, we treat our customers like family. Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate of any of our services.