Kitchen Cabinet Painting


Kitchen Cabinet Painting


Whether you’re looking to save money on a kitchen remodel, improve your space’s aesthetic or some combination therein, the Salt Lake City professional kitchen cabinet painting contractors at American Town Painting should be your first call. We have over a decade of experience helping our clients with the highest-quality painting services in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.


Kitchen renovations and upgrades can be costly, particularly when it comes to cabinets and countertops. But we’re proud to offer services that bring you many of the same practical and visual benefits without many of the additional costs. Here’s how we do it:


Layout and Storage


One of the primary benefits of our high-quality Salt Lake City professional kitchen cabinet painting services, whether as part of a major remodel or as a standalone project, is the way they optimize your layout and storage options. Many homeowners doing work on their kitchens are totally fine with the original design they already had, but just want to move to a more modern look that upgrades a few areas here or there.


In this case, why turn your kitchen into a massive project when simpler, more cost-effective solutions are available? Keep your structures in place and simply add new coats of paint – you’ll notice a large difference you may not have expected. You’ll also retain all the same storage capacity and maintain your practical kitchen operations if you so desire.


Easier Renovations


And if some areas of renovation are indeed part of your plans, our Salt Lake City professional kitchen cabinet painting contractor services can help make this far more convenient as well. There’s no need to turn the kitchen into a blast zone while removing entire units and essentially re-designing the entire space – instead, keep cabinets in place while working around them. This same process also keeps existing materials on hand and utilizes them, which is both a cost-saver and more environmentally friendly.


Our Methods


There are two primary cabinet painting methods our contractors use:

  • Spray painting: We can remove your cabinet doors and spray them with a smooth, brand new appearance. Finishes will be clean and even, with no drips present whatsoever. We’ll then brush your cabinet boxes on site using several coats of the same paint.
  • Brush and roll: If you’re looking for a bit more of an affordable process, we can assist you with brush and roll services that still provide flawless results. This process also involves removing doors for separate application.


Our Contractors


We only employ certified, experienced painters who have received specific training in all our painting methods. All our Salt Lake City professional kitchen cabinet painting contractors keep a dedicated eye out for detail and quality craftsmanship, all while building lasting relationships and earning your trust by getting the job done right every time.


To learn more about any of our kitchen cabinet painting services or other painting solutions in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, contact the pros at American Town Painting today.